Time change serves as fire safety reminder

As we gain an extra hour this weekend, there’s extra time to change the battery in your smoke alarm.


“You change your battery when you change your clocks,” said Langford fire prevention officer, Lance Caven. “Smoke alarms should be replaced every 10 years.”


After changing the battery push the test button to ensure your smoke alarm is working properly.


Newer model smoke alarms have a sticker on them stating the alarm’s expiry date.


“A good rule of thumb is if it’s the size of a spaceship, it should be replaced,” said Chris Aubrey, fire prevention officer.


Langford Fire Rescue has a smoke alarm replacement program in place for all Langford residents.


“If you don’t have one functioning properly we can come to your house and we’ll give you one for free,” Aubrey said.


The program offers battery operated smoke alarms.


The firefighters are knowledgeable in all things smoke alarms and will answer questions and help select a suitable out the smoke alarm for those residents looking to purchase one.


Some new battery operated smoke alarms include wireless communication to each other, so they can be placed on all levels of a home and if one is set off, they all sound.


“You should have one alarm on each level of the house,” Caven said. “Only a working smoke alarm can save your life.”


For more information on the program call Langford Fire Rescue 250-478-9555 or visit Westhill Consulting Langfords Housing Development.